The Power of 3D Printing

3D printing is an amazing technology that allows to materialize digitally designed 3D models. You can select from many materials to fit particular purpose of the printed part. The resulting object can be strong, flexible, elastic, translucent, wooden, metallic, having different colours – whatever you need to achieve your goal.

3D printed parts

I use high precision semi-professional 3D printer to create spare parts that are no more available by original vendors. This way you can fix your lovely gadgets and give them another life.

Semi-professional 3D printer

Every part is precisely designed and thoroughly tested in real equipment. Material for 3D print is selected as close as possible to the original part for optimal operation. The result is high quality and durable part.

Part design in 3D modeling tool

Hundreds of parts sold across the world and many satisfied customers can confirm quality of these products. Still, if you buy one and you are not satisfied then I will refund your payment.

I am open to new requests for new parts that can be designed and 3D printed – if it would be feasible and economical. There is Request section for such purpose where we can discuss. Or you can just drop me an email. 

Your requests and comments are welcome!

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