Sony X-3363-501-1 Gear


3D printed replacement for Sony X-3363-501-1 Gear.

(gear only as seen at picture with black background, not the complete assembly)


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Replacement for Sony X-3363-501-1 Gear.

The part is compatible with following Sony devices:
MHC160, MHC1600, HSTD107R, DXAC90, TCW490, TC-WR531, TC-WR545, TC-WR565, TC-WR645S, TCH1600, TC-WR665S, TCW435, TCWE405, TC-WR635S, TC-WR701ES, TC-WR735S, TCWE835S, TCWA8ESA, TCKA1ESA, DXAS70C, HSTD30, HSTD305, TCH3600, TCW411, TCWE625, TCWE825S, TC-WR520, TC-WR570, TC-WR62, TC-WR620, TC-WR720, TC-WR720A, TC-WR820A..

It might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Detailed description: Sony X-3363-501-1 Gear


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