Technics/Panasonic RXG0009 Gear

The gear RXG0009 was used in 90’s Technics/Panasonic drive mechanics. It is part or mechanism that is driving tape transport. Because it was made from semi-flexible material it tends to crack during the time.

RDG0009 (3D printed replacement) in assembly

Faulty gear can be replaced with 3D printed one. This type of drive mechanism is quite easy to disassembly – just follow service guide steps. You can find the gear here in schematics:

When replacing, you just need to pull black tiny wheel out of the shaft, replace the gear and put wheel back. You can see it in video bellow.

Here is video showing replacement of the gear and operation in drive mechanism.

Gear is compatible with following devices:
RS-BX828, RS-BX404, RS-BX606, RS-DC10, RS-E10, RS-TR555, RS-B555, RS-B565, RS-B655, RS-B665, RS-B755, RS-B765, RS-BX626, RS-BX707, RS-BX727, RS-BX808, RS-BX747.
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Available for purchase – go to shop.

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