Technics/Panasonic RXL0106 Idler Gear

Prototype – available for testing only.

The idler gear RXL0106 is part of REM0043 & RDG0206 assembly that is driving tape transport and cassette doors. Because it was made from semi-flexible material it might tend to crack during the time.

Idler gear RXL0106 in assembly

3D printed replacement part was just partially tested because I did not have corresponding machine.

Anybody who is interested in testing and helping to finish the design is welcome. I can send the prototype for this purpose.

The part is compatible with following devices:
RS-BX501, RS-CA1060, RS-CH404, RS-CH909, RS-DC8, RS-HD505, RS-HD505ES, RS-HD515, RS-HD515PPS, RS-HD75, RS-HDA710, RS-HDA710PPN, RS-TR170, RS-TR270, RS-TR373, RS-TR474, RS-TR575, RX-DT75, RS-TR777, RS-TR97.

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