Sled Gear For Sony Minidisc MDM-3A Mechanism (MDS-JE500)

The gear is part of Sony Minidisc MDM-3A mechanism – optical pickup KMS260A and KMS260E. It drives screw that positions the laser pickup. Sony part number A-3304-200-A.

Replacement part was created using a semi-professional 3D printer using durable Nylon material. The gear was tested for correct operation.

You can find the gear here in schematics:

Sony MDS-JE500 schematic

Gear is compatible with following Sony Minidisc players:
MDS-JE500, MDS-JE510, MDS-JE520, MDS-JE480.
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

The gear is available in e-shop.
(plastic gear only, without the screw rod)


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