Sony BU-30 CD drive sled motor gear (M102)

The gear is part of Sony CD Drive base unit BU-30 assembly. This drive is used in CD and VCD players. Base unit is marked BU-30BBD61M, A-4735-885-A. It is compatible with Aiwa BU-30 assembly.

Replacement part was created using a semi-professional 3D printer using durable Nylon material. The gear was tested for correct operation.

You can find the gear here in schematics:

Sony A-4735-885-A BU-30B Assembly

Gear is compatible with following CD Players:
Sony HCD-M333, Sony MXD-D400, Sony RCD-W2000ES, Sony RCD-W10, Sony RCD-W100, Sony RCD-W222ES, Sony RCD-W500C, Sony RCD-W50C, Sony CHC-CL3 (HCD-CL3), Sony CMT-M373NT (HCD-M373), Aiwa XR-MN5 (CX-LMN5), Aiwa XR-EM400 (CX-LEM400), Aiwa BMZ-K1 (CX-BK1).
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

The gear is available in e-shop.
(gear only, without motor)


One thought on “Sony BU-30 CD drive sled motor gear (M102)

  1. I knew it was a matter of time that these broken gears would be 3D printed by someone in the world. Thanks for the initiative I didn’t have. Here are other equipments that carry BU-30 mechanism: Sony CHC-CL3 (HCD-CL3), Sony CMT-M373NT (HCD-M373), Aiwa XR-MN5 (CX-LMN5), Aiwa XR-EM400 (CX-LEM400), Aiwa BMZ-K1 (CX-BK1). The broken pinion failure starts as an audible crackle when the CD does a long seek or at startup, and eventualy it produces sound skips and sled blocking.
    In the past I used to fix these with some craftsmanship, or I used the pinion that came in Philips VAM2201 mechanism, that happens to use exactly the same 15 teeth pinion. Now VAM2201 are very expensive too, so the best choice is to buy your gear.

    1. Hello, thank you very much for a very valuable comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. I found this site/business by chance on Google. I ordered a few of the Sony gears and I received them in no time.
    The gears fit perfectly. I have no words to thank Martin for his help.
    I am happy and our customer will be happier then anybody else.

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