Onkyo A-9510 motorized selector gear

Replacement gear for Onkyo amplifier A-9510 motorized input selector. The gear is driven by a worm gear.

Replacement gear was tested for correct operation. It was created using a high precision 3D printer using durable Nylon material.

The gear might also fit into different Onkyo or Yamaha apmplifiers (? A-9511, A-9310 ?)

Replacement gear in the assembly

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Onkyo Toshiba Integra DVD’s FM01 79070421 Motor ass’y feed gear

The gear is part of DVD drive feed motor assembly. It is attached to feed motor (FM01 79070421) shaft in Onkyo, Integra, Toshiba and other DVD players. The gear can tend to crack during the time and DVD drive does not work correctly then.

Replacement part was created using a semi-professional 3D printer using durable Nylon material. The gear was tested for correct operation.

You can find the gear here in schematics:

the gear in assembly

Gear is compatible with following DVD Players:
Onkyo DV-S535, Onkyo DR-90, Onkyo DV-C600, Onkyo DV-S525, Integra DPS5, Toshiba SD-5109, Toshiba SD-2300.
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

The gear is available in e-shop.
(gear only, without motor)


ALPS ASD1017 Motorised Input Selector Gears

Motorised input rotary selectors ALPS ASD1017 / Yamaha VT148400 were used in several Pioneer, Onkyo, Yamaha vinatage amplifiers. There were plastic gears that cracked during the time..

Replacement gears were created using a precise 3D printer and tested for correct operation.

Compatible devices: Pioneer A-501R, A-502R, A-701R, A-702R, Onkyo A 8051, 8940, 9510, 9511, 9711, 9911, Yamaha AX-1070 and more.
The part is also labeled Yamaha Rotary Switch SRBA Gold VT148400 in Yamaha devices.

Compatible with ALPS ASD1016 Input Selector.

Compatible also with Sansui AU-X517R amplifier.

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