Technics/Panasonic RDG5773Z Gear

While a typical problem of Technics/Panasonic tape drives is the RDG5772ZC gear, sometimes might crack also gear located at the opposite side of the tape drive (down side) – RDG5773Z.

Either the lock can be broken or the shaft.

Replacement gear was created using a precise 3D printer using durable Nylon material. Locking mechanism was replaced with a split pin to be less fragile

Schematic of the drive assebmly:

Part is compatible with following devices:
MS20, MS600, RS-CH550, RS-CH700, RS-CH900, RS-T9023, RS-TR210, RS-TR232, RS-TR252, RS-TR252PK, RS-TR262, RSTR262PK, RS-TR265, RS-TR311, RS-TR333, RS-TR515, RS-TR535, RX-CT990, RX-DS05, RX-DS35, RXDS620, RX-DS790, RX-DT07, RX-DT5, RX-DT501, RX-DT680, RX-DT690, RX-E250, RX-E300, SA-CH11, SA-CH150, SA-CH150PPK, SA-CH455, SA-CH455PK, SA-CH52, SA-CH55, SA-CH72, SA-DH66, SA-VC10, SU-CH80, SU-CH82, SU-CH90, SU-CH92, RX-DT501, RX-DT505, RX-C300, RS-TR157, GX-89CD, RX-DS620, RS-TR355, RX-DT707, RX-DS30P, SA-CH33, RS-B55, RS-955, RS-TR165

It might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Available for purchase in the e-shop.

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