Technics/Panasonic RXL0106 Idler Gear

Prototype – not available for sale.

The idler gear RXL0106 is part of REM0043 & RDG0206 assembly that is driving tape transport and cassette doors. Because it was made from semi-flexible material it might tend to crack during the time.

Idler gear RXL0106 in assembly

I’ve designed two variants of the gear – with a hollow space for the string (same as original, in the middle and bottom of the first picture bellow) and complete solid gear (top of the first picture, part of the assembly).

It is still a prototype that was not fully tested. Therefore it is not currently available.

However, if anybody is interested in testing and helping to finish the design I can send you the prototype.

The part is compatible with following devices:
RS-BX501, RS-CA1060, RS-CH404, RS-CH909, RS-DC8, RS-HD505, RS-HD505ES, RS-HD515, RS-HD515PPS, RS-HD75, RS-HDA710, RS-HDA710PPN, RS-TR170, RS-TR270, RS-TR373, RS-TR474, RS-TR575, RX-DT75, RS-TR777, RS-TR97.