Grundig CF7300 Servomotor gear (head carrier)

Replacement for Servomotor LW39 gear (head carrier) used in Grundig CF model tape recorders.

Servomotor gear position in the assembly

Replacement gears were made using thermoplastic polyuretane (high precision 3D print) that is slightly flexible as the original material and durable.

The part is compatible with following Grundig tape recorders:
CF 7000, CF 7100, CF 7200, CF 7300, CF 7400, CF 7500, CF 20, CF 30, CF 35, CF 303, SCF 1000.

It might work also with other cassette players – just check your service manual.

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Technics/Panasonic RDG5773Z Gear

While a typical problem of Technics/Panasonic tape drives is the RDG5772ZC gear, sometimes might crack also gear located at the opposite side of the tape drive (down side) – RDG5773Z.

Either the lock can be broken or the shaft.

Replacement gear was created using a precise 3D printer using durable Nylon material. Locking mechanism was replaced with a split pin to be less fragile

Schematic of the drive assebmly:

Part is compatible with following devices:
MS20, MS600, RS-CH550, RS-CH700, RS-CH900, RS-T9023, RS-TR210, RS-TR232, RS-TR252, RS-TR252PK, RS-TR262, RSTR262PK, RS-TR265, RS-TR311, RS-TR333, RS-TR515, RS-TR535, RX-CT990, RX-DS05, RX-DS35, RXDS620, RX-DS790, RX-DT07, RX-DT5, RX-DT501, RX-DT680, RX-DT690, RX-E250, RX-E300, SA-CH11, SA-CH150, SA-CH150PPK, SA-CH455, SA-CH455PK, SA-CH52, SA-CH55, SA-CH72, SA-DH66, SA-VC10, SU-CH80, SU-CH82, SU-CH90, SU-CH92, RX-DT501, RX-DT505, RX-C300, RS-TR157, GX-89CD, RX-DS620, RS-TR355, RX-DT707, RX-DS30P, SA-CH33, RS-B55, RS-955, RS-TR165

It might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Available for purchase in the e-shop.