Philips 70FC450 70FS365 70FC150 70CD555 Gear Set

Gear set for Philips 70FCxxx and 70FSxxx cassette recorders.

Philips 70FCxxx gear set

Replacement gears were created using a high-precision 3D printer. Gears were fully tested for correct operation. The material is slightly flexible and durable, resulting in silent operation and a long lifespan.

The gear set is compatible with Philips cassette recorders:
70FC450, 70FS365, 70FS364, 70CD555, 70FC145, 70FC150, 70FC152.
FC450, FS365, FS364, CD555, FC145, FC150, FC152.
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Available for purchase in the e-shop.

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