Philips 70FC450 (S.E.3) Idler Gear

Idler gear is part of cassette mechanism “S.E.3/5556” in Philips 70FC450 tape recorder.

Philips S.E.3 idler gear (back and front side)

Faulty gear can be replaced with 3D printed one. Replacement gear was fully tested for correct operation.

Gear is compatible with Philips 70FC450.
However, it might work also with other devices – just check your service manual.

Available for purchase in e-shop.

One thought on “Philips 70FC450 (S.E.3) Idler Gear

  1. Hi, will this gear fit a Philips RM2B WT05 110 cassette mechanism from a portable Spatial Radio Cassette model 8212? This is specifically the gear that operates the take up spool in PLAY mode and prevents tape spooling into and around the heads! It’s called the “cheese” gear. There’s a couple of these orange cogs in the mech, one is OK looks new, but the other just mentioned is stripped of its teeth.
    Do you do a range of replacement gears? Cheers David

    1. Hi David,
      I am not sure if the gear fits into Philips 8212 because I don’t know this model. You can drop me an email with measurements of your gear – number of teeth, outer diameter, etc. and we can compare if it is the same.

  2. Very fast delivery, excellent contact with the seller and the product is of excellent quality.
    This allowed me to repair an old high value Philips cassette recorder which works again.

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